BookFunnel Certified Mail

Questions About Certified Mail

  1. I'm already a BookFunnel author, how do I get the Certified Mail & Gifting feature?

    If you're already on the Mid-List plan or above, good news! You don't need to do anything. If you are on a First-Time author plan and want to upgrade, just click the menu button in the top-right corner of your dashboard and choose Account from the menu, and you can change your plan from that page. Certified Mail is available on all Mid-List, Bestseller, and Small Publisher plans.

  2. What is the difference between "Certified Mail" and "Gifting"?

    Certified Mail will send your review copy to more than one reader at a time. Readers will receive review instructions if you include them and a reminder email if you opt to send them one. "Gifting" a book allows you to send a book to one reader using a private, non-shareable link. You can include any information in the "Gift" email (including review instructions), but we will not send the reader a reminder email.

  3. Do I need to create a download link and insert it into the Certified Mail?

    No, we will generate a unique, private link for each email address you provide and include it in the email for you.

  4. Can I add reviewers to my Certified Mail campaign after I send it?

    Once a campaign has been sent, you cannot add more email addresses to it. It is easy to duplicate it and send a new round out to any stragglers. Just click the "duplicate" button (with no readers) next to the campaign under MAIL on your BookFunnel dashboard.

  5. Are you adding my readers' email addresses to BookFunnel's mailing list?

    No. BookFunnel doesn't have a reader mailing list and does not store your reader’s emails for our own use. Our tagline is "Your books. Your readers." And, we mean it. Email addresses are stored separately with the watermark should you ever need to see who received a copy that was shared online.

  6. How does the watermark work?

    We insert a small, private watermark into the MOBI and EPUB file. It is not seen by the reader. If you choose to tell the reader that the file has been watermarked, it may keep them honest about sharing, but it also may encourage them to hunt for and try to remove it. If your file gets shared online, download it and send it to We will pull the watermark if possible and let you know the email address of the reader who downloaded the book and when it was downloaded.