BookFunnel Giveaways

Questions About Giveaways

  1. I'm already a BookFunnel author, how do I get the Giveaways feature?

    If you're already on the Mid-List plan or above, good news! You don't need to do anything. If you are on a Starving Artist or First-Time author plan and want to ugprade, just click the menu button in the top-right corner of your dashboard and choose Account from the menu, and you can change your plan from that page. Giveaways are available on all Mid-List, Bestseller, and Small Publisher plans.

  2. What does a Giveaway landing page look like?

    You can see an example of a Giveaway right here.

  3. When should I use a Giveaway, and when should I use a regular download link?

    If you're already collecting the reader's email address somewhere else (a landing page on your website, a mailing list signup form), don't use a Giveaway link. You already have the reader's email address, so asking them to confirm AGAIN only creates friction. More friction = fewer readers.

    If you are sending a reader directly to your book, and you want to first collect and confirm their email address, that's when you want to use a Giveaway. Giveaways add another layer of friction, so they should only be used when you actually need the reader's email address.

  4. Should I use a Giveaway for my ARCs (Advanced Review Copies)?

    If you only want your review team to get the book, you should use Certified Mail. Not only does the book ONLY go to the readers you send it to, they get reminders (with review instructions), and there is a definite end to the campaign.

    If you don't mind people outside of your ARC team getting the book as well, you can use a Giveaway. Readers will probably share the link to you ARC even if you ask them not to, so it depends how strict you want to be with your review copies.

  5. Are you collecting my readers' email addresses for BookFunnel's mailing list too?

    No. BookFunnel doesn't have a reader mailing list. Our tagline is "Your books. Your readers." And, we mean it.

  6. How do I collect the readers who have signed up for my Giveaway?

    You can export the list of readers any time you like. Click on the details of your Giveaway link, and you'll see the buttons and options for exporting. We'll also send you an email reminder when you have new readers waiting who haven't been exported yet.

  7. Can you add them to my mailing list automatically?

    Yes! BookFunnel can integrate directly with MailChimp, Mailerlite, AWeber, ActiveCampaign, and ConvertKit to send your readers to your list and deliver their book all in one. You can read more about integrations here.

  8. I want automation with my mailing list service, but I don't use one of the ones you support.

    We are evaluating new integrations all the time. Drop us an email and let us know what you need, and we'll see what we can do.

  9. I drive traffic using different ads. Can I have more than one Giveaway link?

    Yes! You can create different Giveaway links to help you track how your ads and book pages are converting. As many as you like.

  10. Does this have to be for new subscribers only?

    NO! You can use a BookFunnel Giveaway anytime you want to ensure that only readers on your mailing list (or readers willing to join your mailing list) can download the book.