BookFunnel Integrations

Questions About Integrations

  1. What services does BookFunnel integrate with?

    BookFunnel currently integrates with ActiveCampaign, AWeber, ConverKit, MailChimp, and MailerLite.

  2. I'm already a BookFunnel author, how do I get integrations?

    Integrations is included on all Bestseller and Publisher accounts, and is available as an option ($5/mo. or $50/yr.) on the Mid-List author plan. You can go to the Account page on your dashboard to upgrade your account any time you like.

  3. How does integrations work?

    You create a BookFunnel Giveaway link that points to one of your mailing lists and then share it with readers. When they click the link, they are taken to your Giveaway page where they can sign up for your mailing list.

    You can choose to confirm or not confirm the reader's email address before they are added to your list. Once on your list, you can have your mailing list begin any automation sequences you have set up.

  4. Can I integrate with more than one mailing list service?

    No. Your account can only integrate with one mailing list service at a time. You can point to multiple lists, but they must all be on the same service.

  5. When is the reader added to my mailing list?

    As soon as they confirm their email address (or as soon as they submit if you are not confirming their address). There is no delay.

  6. Does the reader have to confirm their email address?

    If you want them to, yes. Once they submit their email address, BookFunnel can send an email to confirm their email address and then subscribe them once they confirm.

  7. Does the reader receive my MailChimp welcome email?

    No. MailChimp will only send your "final welcome" email when using MailChimp's own confirmation and subscription process. Since BookFunnel handles that part of the process and then adds the reader directly to your list, the welcome email is never sent. You can use MailChimp's automations to send a welcome email to subscribers as they are added.

  8. Can I use my Giveaway link as my landing page?

    Absolutely! Your Giveaway page on BookFunnel can be a quick offer for some ad or contest, or it can be your permanent signup page on the web. Use it any way you like.

  9. Can I create more than one Giveaway link?

    Of course! You can create as many as you like.

  10. Can these links be shared with others?

    If the link is shared, and someone else wants your free book, they'll have to sign up for your mailing list like anyone else. So, let's hope they get shared!

  11. Can each Giveaway point to a different mailing list?

    Yes. Multiple Giveaways can point to the same list, or each Giveaway can point to any list you choose.

  12. How do I set this up?

    Once you have integrations enabled on your account, you'll find an Integrations link at the top of your dashboard. It will walk you through the steps to enable integration and start linking your giveaways to your mailing lists.