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BookFunnel vs. Authors Direct

BookFunnel is an ebook and audiobook delivery service—it is not a sales platform. To deliver book sales on BookFunnel, authors sell through one of our supported sales platforms: Gumroad, Payhip, PayPal, Shopify, Thrivecart, Woocommerce, or *Zapier.

Immediately after purchase, BookFunnel will email the buyer a unique link or access code to download their purchase. And, because BookFunnel delivers both ebooks and audiobooks, you can do it all in one store!

But, best of all, because BookFunnel is not the sales platform, BookFunnel does not take a cut of your sales.

Audiobook Beta

BookFunnel launched audiobook delivery in 2020 and it is currently in a free, open beta. When audiobook delivery is officially released later this year, it will be a paid add-on to any Mid-List+ plan.

We detail our audiobook beta, audiobook delivery features, and estimate audiobook pricing on the BookFunnel Blog:

Audiobook Delivery Details

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  • Collect Reader Email Addresses
  • Integrate with 2 Mailing List Services
  • Watermarked Ebook Files
  • Secure ARC Delivery
  • Book Gifting
  • Printable Download Codes
  • Design a Custom Author Themes
  • Use Your Own Custom Domain