The BookFunnel App

Where is the book code?

Find the BookFunnel Code

Every book on BookFunnel is assigned a unique download code, which can be used to download a book using the BookFunnel app.

If an author sent you a BookFunnel link and you are having trouble finding the code, you can:

  1. Click the BookFunnel link you were sent
  2. Click the large button (usually GET MY BOOK)
  3. Click I need the BookFunnel download code
  4. The code will be displayed

Find the BookFunnel Code on Mobile

Animated gif showing how to find the download code on any BookFunnel ebook page

My book doesn't have a code.

PDF books and MP3 audio downloads do not have a code, but fear not! You can still add them to your library and enjoy them in the BookFunnel App.

Click the BookFunnel link and click the button on the landing page. Click Add to my BookFunnel library.

If you have never logged in to the BookFunnel library before, your email address is your login. You’ll need to set a password and then you can access your BookFunnel books!

Once you have a login and password, open the BookFunnel app and tap Library at the bottom. Login with your email address and password and your books will appear at the top of the library screen.