BookFunnel for Android

Uploading to Play Books

The BookFunnel App for Android can download ebooks and send them to the Play Books app for uploading and storing in Google's cloud storage.

Troubleshooting Tips

Generally, if a book is stuck uploading or processing in Play Books, it won’t ever successfully add the book to Play Books. When this happens, Google has recommended a few troubleshooting tips, including:

  1. Make sure Play Books has been updated to the latest version
  2. Quit the upload and delete the book from Play Books entirely, then try uploading again
  3. Try uploading from a computer browser instead of your mobile device

If that doesn’t help, you can always read the book right in the BookFunnel app! Just tap the book cover to start reading.

Reach out and let us know what is going on! We’re always happy to help.