BookFunnel for iOS

Sharing Documents

The BookFunnel App can save and open your PDFs, and also send PDFs to other apps on your iOS device.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you don’t see your favorite app as an option, you may just need to enable it.

  1. Swipe the row of sharing icons all the way until you see More… on the right.
  2. Tap More….
  3. Scroll through the available apps until you see your winner.
  4. Tap it to launch your reading app.
  5. Or, on older versions of iOS, enable the toggle next to your favorite app.

If your app does not appear in the list of options after tapping More…, it does not currently support file sharing on your iOS device. But, good news! You can open this PDF right inside the BookFunnel app. Just back up and tap the book cover to start reading.

BookFunnel distributes the files we receive. Some authors choose to distribute PDFs for some of their ebooks and bonus material.

Reach out and let us know what is going on! We’re always happy to help.