Your books. Your readers. Your reading app.

Engage with your readers directly in your own app! Push exclusive bonus content to keep your readers coming back for more. Offer bonus titles with every app install! Link to new releases and exclusive preorder deals— the sky is the limit!

The reader experience

When a new reader installs your branded app for the first time, they can immediately read (or listen!) to any content you have chosen to “preload” in the app (no login required!)

New content can be added to every existing app with just a few clicks on your BookFunnel dashboard

Once a reader logs in, they have can read or listen to any ebook or audiobook they’ve purchased from your store

Send exclusive content and ARCs directly to select apps so that only certain readers can access them

The branded app is an ereading and audiobook app and does not send files to other reading apps or devices

Smooth Sales Delivery

The branded app is designed for sales delivery!

Everyone wants that “Amazon experience”, where they checkout and their new content is magically available in their reading app. You can give your buyers the same experience: buy on your author website, read instantly in your author app.

Support More Readers

Add an online portal to your branded app and readers can read and listen to your books on their computers and older devices too—no app installation required. Readers can access your online portal by visiting in (nearly) any internet browser.

Techical Requirements

The branded app can be installed on these mobile devices:

  • iOS 11+ (2017) Most iPads and iPhones released since 2013 were updated to iOS 11 and can install the BookFunnel App. iPod Touches that were updated to iOS 11 can also install the app.
  • Android 5.1+ (2013) Android devices running at least Android 5.1 can install the BookFunnel app from the Google Play Store.
  • NOOK Tablet (2016) NOOK tablets released since 2016 can download the BookFunnel App from the Google Play Store.


  • The app agreement is for one year
  • All app updates are managed by BookFunnel
  • If you choose not to renew at the end of the term, you can (optionally) move your branded app’s library of books over to the BookFunnel app so that readers do not lose access to their content.