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“That bookfunnel app is wonderful! No problems getting the download.” — Maureen (a reader)

Your books. Your readers.

We don't want your readers for ourselves, so we don't require a login, and we don't track any of their data. We have an app that readers can install on some devices to make the experience smoother, but we don't require any of their information to install it. Your readers are yours, not ours.

You write, we deliver

Stop doing tech support for your readers. You're a writer, so go write. Leave the book delivery and support to us. We're really, really good at it. Seriously, go write!

Freebies, and BETAs, and ARCs, oh my!

Whether you're trying to build a mailing list or just give away some copies of your book, BookFunnel does a great job. But, did you know that most of our authors also use it for ARCs and BETA copies to their readers? Once your reader group uses BookFunnel, they won't let you switch back. It's just too easy for them. And, with BookFunnel Certified Mail, your links are private, and your files are watermarked for added security.

Masters degree in tech not required

Do you know the difference between the first-generation Kindle Fire and the third? Did you know that most Kindle and Kobo e-readers have a built-in web browser? No, and why should you? That's not your job. That's our job. And we have the answers for your readers no matter what they're struggling with.

Real, human email support for your readers

BookFunnel makes it easy for readers to download books. But, sometimes, they still don't get it. That's where we step in. We will hold your readers' hand through the whole process, step-by-step, until they get their book. Our email support comes from real, live humans, not an autoresponder.

We pride ourselves on our support, and we're praised for it by readers and authors alike.

We support e-reader diversity!

Lots of people have Kindles. But they're not the only readers in the world. No matter what device your reader is on, we'll get them their book. We support all of the major e-readers and tablets and know each one of them inside and out.

Questions? You might find the answer in our FAQ.

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