Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Questions

You upload your book to BookFunnel and create a download page to it. You can customize your page to really show off your book cover and wow your readers (find examples and some helpful advice here).

Then share the download page link with your readers and they can get your book. You can see an example of one of our download pages here:

Yes, if you are on a Mid-List plan or above, you can create a Giveaway page that will collect reader email addresses. You can see an example of one of our Giveaway pages here.

We will collect email addresses on your behalf and store them in a CSV for you to import into your mailing list service at your convenience. If you have Integration on your account, we can even add new subscribers directly to your list! Learn more about direct Integration here.

If you are on a First-Time Author plan, you will collect email addresses on your own website using a form provided by your mailing list service. Then you will email readers your BookFunnel download link in your welcome email.

If your plan includes direct mailing list integration, BookFunnel will automatically add new subscribers to your list. If your plan does not include integration or you don’t use one of our integrated providers, you can export a CSV of new subscribers and import it manually at your convenience.  Learn how to use BookFunnel with any mailing list service here.

Yes, if you are on a Mid-List plan or above and use a Giveaway page, we will require an email address before a reader can download the book. Regular download pages do not collect reader email addresses.

You can use a regular download page to distribute review copies. Simply create a download page and email it to your street team. If you want to ensure that only your street team gets your ARC, BookFunnel Certified Mail will allow you to send a unique link to each member of your review team and track exactly which readers download the book.

Or, you can use a Restricted Giveaway page, which will check your mailing list before allowing a reviewer to download your book. Learn more about Certified Mail and Restricted pages here.

Absolutely! Just remember to let your readers know early and often that it is a sample/novella/short story. We recommend a banner on the cover image as well as adding text like “5 First Chapters” or “Short Story” to the top of your landing page to set expectations.

Technical Questions

BookFunnel does not have a mailing list of free book lovers. Readers will find your book on our service if you (or someone else) share the link with them.

Because we don’t have a reader mailing list, you can trust that when you send your reader a BookFunnel download link, they are only going to see your book. Your readers won’t be distracted by free books from other authors on our service.

While we will never solicit your reader, we think it is awesome when authors work and promote together! We built this handy board to help like-minded authors find each other. We also made it easy for you to build your own multi-book promos so that you don’t have to custom code or design your group promos!

To distribute your book, you will need your book cover image jpg (1000×640 minimum) and at least a MOBI, EPUB, or PDF file.

If you only have a Word Doc, we recommend a service called to create your EPUB and/or MOBI file. Their free Word Doc converter is top-notch! Once you send your Word Doc through their converter, you can download the resulting EPUB, MOBI, and PDF files and then upload them to BookFunnel.

(We are not affiliated with Draft2Digital in any way, they just provide an awesome service.)

If you are not starting with a Word Doc, you can use Calibre to convert your book to the proper format. (Please note that a PDF is not a good source document for converting. The resulting EPUB and MOBI will likely have significant formatting problems)

While you can distribute your PDF without also providing an EPUB and/or MOBI file, your readers will love you forever if you offer them all three options. 60% of reader traffic downloads a book to their mobile device and their small screens make PDFs an unpleasant reading experience.

You can distribute a sample of up to 10% your book.

If you read your agreement with KDP Select, you may find that it prohibits you from distributing any digital version of your full book. Some authors have been told that review copies are allowed, but others authors have been told “No.” You’ll need to read your agreement and decide for yourself how you want to proceed.

Generally speaking, no. BookFunnel pages are not searchable and should not be indexed by search engines (like Google or Bing). The only way a reader can find your book on our service is if you (or someone else) share the link with them. The only exception would be if someone posted your link in a public forum, like on a blog, Pinterest, or Twitter, it is possible it could be indexed. If that were to happen, you could expire your link and replace it with a new one. The process is quick and painless.

The BookFunnel app is our handy little Android app that allows readers to download your book to their Android device or Kindle Fire wirelessly. It is never required of course, but it makes it super snappy to download a book and sling it to the Books library on your Kindle Fire, or to your Kindle or Nook app on Android. Our app makes the download process faster and simpler, and has no ads, no tracking, and no pop-ups.

Check out the BookFunnel App here.

We don’t have an iOS app because it is unnecessary when downloading ebook files on iPhones and iPads. Unlike Android, iOS devices will let you download and open .mobi and .epub files easily.

Account Questions

It means we answer support requests from you and your readers first. When your readers need help with a book, they are automatically bumped to the top of the support queue. When you have a problem or a question for the BookFunnel team, we get to your inquiry first. Priority Support is available on the Bestseller and Small Publisher plans.

If you reach your download limit, we’ll keep delivering your book. We won’t turn away your readers. If you do exceed your limit, you may be charged overages at the end of the month. Learn more about overages here.

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