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Delivering Ebooks, Reader Magnets, and ARCs

Delivering your ebook lead magnet is easy with BookFunnel!

If you already have a beautiful signup page on your website, you can just upload your free “reader magnet” to BookFunnel and create a download page for it. When readers sign up for your mailing list on your website, you send them the BookFunnel download link in your automated “welcome email”. See an example of a simple download page here.

If you don’t have your own signup page on your website or are looking for a faster, simpler setup, you can upload your book to BookFunnel and create a giveaway page! A giveaway page is both a signup page and delivery page, all wrapped up in one simple package. Less work for you and your reader! See an example of a giveaway page here.

You have full control, so customize the colors and text on your ebook landing page to really wow your readers

Send your ARC to your reviewers, and only your reviewers with BookFunnel’s Certified Mail delivery! Using this feature, BookFunnel will send a unique link to each member of your review team, track who downloaded your book, send automatic reminder emails, and a follow-up email on release day to the reviewers that downloaded the book. Certified Mail files are watermarked and all links expire automatically at the end of the campaign.

If Certified Mail isn’t for you, create a simple download page and email it to your reviewers directly. BookFunnel links are always private, so you never have to worry about us sharing your book with the world.

Learn more about sending advance reader copies to your review team here.

You got a print code! To download your ebook, visit and enter the code to nab your copy of the book.

Print codes are great for authors that attend conferences, meetups, or any in-person event. Apply them to business cards, postcards, bookmarks, anything! Each BookFunnel code is good for one download, and once it’s redeemed, the code is void. That way, you know that your book isn’t being shared without permission. Each book file is watermarked and readers are invited to join your mailing list after redemption. All of these benefits—one simple code.

Learn more about how and when to use print codes here.

Absolutely! Just remember to set reader expectations early so they know exactly what they’re receiving. Add a simple banner to your book’s cover image and text to your ebook landing page that describes your deliverable (Example: “Short Story” or “First Chapter”) so they know what they’re getting.

Sure thing! Whether you have a checklist, a worksheet, study guide, or graphics, you can upload your PDF and distribute it right along with your ebook in one, convenient place.

You can distribute a sample of up to 10% of your book.

If you read your agreement with KDP Select, you may find that it prohibits you from distributing any digital version of your full book. Some authors have been told that review copies are allowed, but other authors have been told they can’t. Read your agreement and decide for yourself how you want to proceed.

Email Integration and Email Lists

Yes! By choosing our Mid-List+Integration (our most popular!) or Bestseller Author Plans, you get the advantage of direct mailing list integration: every time you have a new subscriber, BookFunnel automatically adds them to your list. It’s that simple.

If you choose our Mid-List Author plan, you can still export your new subscriber email addresses and add them to your mailing list service at your convenience.

Bonus: you can use BookFunnel with ANY mailing list provider!

If you are using our Mid-List or Bestseller plan and use a Giveaway or Opt-In page, we require an email address before the reader downloads your book. Regular download pages do not collect reader email addresses.

Direct integration with your mailing list service means that when we collect an email on your behalf, we can add that email to your mailing list automatically. Readers receive a unique, non-shareable link to download your book and are added to your mailing list immediately.

We partner with a select group of mailing list providers for our Mid-List+Integration author plans and above. Learn more about how to use Direct Mail Integration here.

Nope. Never. We are not a promotional platform. Rather, we’re in the business of helping indie authors succeed by building their own platform and sharing their ebooks with ease.

We will never share your reader’s email addresses or pitch them books by other authors. You have our guarantee on that!

Technical Questions

You will need your book cover image jpg (1000×640 minimum) and at least a MOBI, EPUB, or PDF file.

If you only have a Word Doc, we recommend a service called to create your EPUB and/or MOBI file. Their free Word Doc converter is top-notch!

Generally speaking, no. BookFunnel pages are not searchable and should not be indexed by the search engines. The only way a reader can find your book on our service is if you (or someone else) shares the link with them.

One exception would be if someone posted your link in a public forum, like on a blog, Pinterest, or Twitter—it’s possible that it could be indexed. If that happens, you can expire your link and replace it with a new link. The process is quick and painless.

We pride ourselves on service and are here to help! Whether you or your readers need help, drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you to answer all your burning questions.

Account Questions

Yes, you can change your plan on the Account page of your BookFunnel dashboard. Click here to get the step-by-step directions for changing your plan.

If you reach your download limit, we’ll keep delivering your book. We won’t turn away your readers. If you do exceed your limit, you may be charged overages at the end of the month. Learn more about overages here.

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