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Founded by an indie author who just wanted to send his book to his mom.

In the beginning...

Damon Courtney (writing under the alias Damon J. Courtney) wrote an epic Fantasy series that he desperately wanted to give to the world (whether they liked it or not). He had already published two books, and now the third and final book in his (to him) magnificent trilogy was complete.

But, how to find readers…

Self-publishing gurus (then as now) were preaching the importance of building a mailing list and a reader magnet. “Give them a taste of your writing,” they said. “Send them the first book in your series for free,” they said. “Email them a zip file,” they said!

Wait, a zip file?? Was that really the path new readers would have to traverse in order to read his “free” book? Who was going to figure that out?? There had to be a better way—a simple, direct method to help people get a book to their favorite e-reader or app with super friendly help available if they had any trouble. That’s what the world needed!

Alas…it didn’t exist.

The world cried out for a hero. Indies needed a way to deliver their books without the shackles of the bookstores. Older folks everywhere needed knowledgeable experts to help them understand how their Nook Glowbright Kindle worked! Two decades in software development had prepared Damon for just this task. And, best of all, he would have it ready to go in just a couple of weeks. Ten months later, BookFunnel was born.

And, now...

BookFunnel delivers more than 2 million ebooks every month for indie authors just like you. We’re a small, independent software company who has grown a bit since the days when Damon made everything in his tiny office (we don’t have basements in Texas, and a garage would be way too hot)—but we’re still small and scrappy. 

We’ve added tons of features, we’ve hired a couple of folks, and we’ve still got that can-do spirit! We are constantly working with authors to develop tools that make your life easier.

That’s the BookFunnel story. What’s yours?

Want to know about this Damon guy?

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