About Us

Who are we?

“does happy dance.... thanks so much!” — Cat (a reader)

We are indie authors just like you (or maybe not like you). BookFunnel was built by indie authors because we saw a need no one was meeting. How do we get books to readers when someone else always owns the device?

We can't go and make our own reader. Well, we could, but that is a huge undertaking. We could make our own e-reading app, but that isn't what readers want. Readers already have their favorite reading device and their favorite reading app. We needed to get our books to the device and app they already loved.

And, that's where BookFunnel was born.

We want to make readers happy. We want to give them our books and have them start reading in the shortest time possible. We want them to be able to read on the device and in the app of their choosing. And when they struggle, we want them to feel like we really care that they get their book.

Just like you, that's our greatest mission. To make readers happy.

BookFunnel has been a game changer for this author. There are so many great things about the site, but the best thing is the customer service. I no longer have to worry about my readers not receiving their books. If there's ever a problem, the kind and experienced folks over at BookFunnel take care of it for me.

Jolie du Pre