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“Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!!!!! It worked!” — Bev (a reader)

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I’ve given away 10000s of copies of my books to new readers in return for them joining my mailing list. It’s well worth the effort, but it was getting to the point where helping them to sideload to their devices was becoming a bit of a time suck. I’ve been looking for something like BookFunnel for ages and, after a little bit of healthy scepticism, I’ve been blown away by how good it is. It’s the best tool I discovered last year, by far. I’ve introduced several hundred of my students to it, too, and they have been uniformly lavish in their praise. VERY highly recommended if you want to build your list and maintain your sanity.

Mark Dawson, Bestselling Author
and creator of the Self Publishing Formula

BookFunnel solves one of the biggest pain points for writers trying to build an email list. It enables delivery of digital files in every format to any device with no problems at all. I give away advanced review copies to my readers as well as using free books to build my email list and I used to get loads of emails asking how to get those files onto devices. But now, I get none of these tech support emails, so BookFunnel makes my life easier and, more importantly, helps my readers get into the books more quickly. I use Bookfunnel every day and it's quickly become an important part of my email list building process.

Joanna Penn, NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author

BookFunnel has made my readers' lives so much easier — and, in turn, mine! I receive several emails per week thanking me for how easy this new book delivery system is (as opposed to several emails per day about people having difficulty downloading or transferring their eBooks). For the few who do have problems, the BookFunnel team works closely with them to make sure each reader can download his or her free books. What can I say? #BookFunnelForLife

Melissa Storm, indie author
and president of Novel Publicity

I'm in love. After fielding literally dozens of requests every week for tech support and hand holding through the book download process, I can't tell you how much easier Bookfunnel has made my life and the life of my admin! The whole thing, from reporting down to the user interface and how intuitive the download prompts and processes are, it's just so slick and such a step up from every other book delivery method I've used to get reader magnet books into subscribers' hands. For that, I thank you.

Christine Bell, NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author